Monday, 29 April 2013

"Vive les plumes" Feathers madness !!!...


The ground is littered with fresh feathers and dawn,
 if we lived in another time.... I would be gathering them to make pillows or bed blankets......

Everyday when I feed the birds I cannot resist gathering a hand full of feathers! obsession!...
Ever since I was a child, I recall having a fetiche for feathers,
I used to collect them and fit them in a glass... attach one to a pen, add it to a hat...
I once had a shop in Paddington (Sydney) where amongst other
things I used to sell ostrich feathers...or as I call them "feazers" as being French I pronounce  "th=z"


I found this little basket in the garden shed, added a piece of florist oasis, and daily, I added my hand full of feathers until no more could fit...then I added the baby ducks for interest..

But this obsession has become madness...I cannot stop..I don't where to put them anymore!..


I need HELP !...where else can I put the feathers ??? I have another week of this obsession staring at me....
even the dragon is choking..

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  1. Hi Francoise, the basket of feathers is beautiful. I'm not very good at crafts but am thinking, how about dying the extra feathers in different colors. Then create feather flowers. You can collect all the feathers and do a larger project like making a feather cloak or something to hang or display as a piece of art..

    My first time commenting on your blog but have enjoyed perusing your ideas.