Saturday, 27 April 2013

Feeding the Geese and the Ducks in Sydney

I am back house & pet sitting
Sorry but I have been so busy with business & personal projects in the past few weeks, that in the evening when I usually do my blog , I was just so exhausted that simply could no longer find the energy

On this lovely man made pond area at the bottom of the property, live 3 geese, 2 white ducks and 2 brownish ducks
every day they wait for the feed of grains...

But  BEWARE of competition for the feed !!!....

              The wild I counted 19 of them...

And the white cockatoos !..... sitting on a fence "watching"....fist day...tomorrow I am feeding later!..
I made a mistake, I fed the ducks at the same time 3 days in a row..
I am  supposed to vary my time so the Cockatoos
don't get used to it if they do, they too
come to the "rendez-vous'...
And a sudden visitor crossing the grass....a young Python...harmless..

                             We are all "just curious" !... Cockies may be hungry..
what I love in France in the sense of history,the"Frenchness".............
but what I love while in Australia is nature....expect anything in the animal world.........

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