Monday, 25 February 2013

blue sky & rough sea

Blue sky , rough sea after a mini hurricane...
New Brighton beach, 20klms north of Byron Bay
I am visiting the last Australian village I live in before I embarked for my extended french experience 2 years ago


The wild seas accompanied by high winds have eroded the sand dunes dramatically, we lost about 10 metres of dunes
2 heavy storms 3 weeks apart..
the coast is so fragile, we need to take responsibility for our actions on earth

I used to walk my dogs Jolicoeur & Tiga every mornings on this beach and have a swim, all year round...
I am sad to see that we have no beach at high tide, it will take months and years without anymore storm to correct this natural damage ....

even in its wilderness the sea still look beautiful,
but demands respect !...
you have my respect my beloved sea!...

down memory lane...below is my first little beach house in the area, just across the road from the sand dunes
tropical garden

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Friday, 22 February 2013

French chandeliers

Mad about French chandeliers...

Vicky from "french essence" mentioned she bought a chandelier for her little village house she is decorating and wanted some comments
4 years ago I still hated chandeliers, from my french childhood
I held in my mind ,the vision of dirty glitter less chandeliers with globes missing and in dark rooms inhabited by old people, with an added smell of rancid .....awful!...
After living in France again for the past 2 years, I evolved in a different direction, now I don't just like chandeliers, I have fallen in love with chandeliers, nice, clean, full of sparkly crystal, the more the better, hanging high or low...but all bulbs MUST work, fit a dimmer on the switch if you want but every bulb must shine !....


I also love the plainer chandeliers in bronze and a bit of  crystals


this mordern wrought iron chandelier actually fit gracefully in a french bedroom amoungs antique pieces


the one below is also one of my favourites, the painted distressed metal ones, actually they are more difficult to find than the top crystal laden ones


A couple of months ago I was at Port Grimaud market, a lovely fresh sunny day, this stall holder attracted my attention he had load of chandeliers hanging from the tree, how great would they look outdoor for a summer garden party ? 
Vicky, my statement piece would a huge over the top chandelier hanging low above the dining table 
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