Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Magical , romantic "moustiquaire"

I find that moustiquaires  (mosquitoes nets) give a room "that" romantic feeling ... 

When I owned the shop below "Franouche" in Byron Bay, we designed this bamboo bed and before it could sell, I liked it so much ......I brought it home to the beach house above..

Beachy feel ......                                                                                                       


My girlfriend and I shared  this room in Hoi Han in Vietnam on our search for home wares and clothing
a very tropical feel !!... part of moustiquaires ambiance
but there was nothing romantic about us two !!..

 my favourite "mosie net" must be the above, all those tassells just give it a sense of luxury
in these photos they are mainly hanging on bamboo rods, but i also like them hanging with ladders or with old oars, or old farm wooden equipment,or wrought iron... it is easy to match the "hanger"to fit with the location of the house..or the style of the home

One does not need to live in a hot country to have a moustiquaire, it is not only about the insect it is about the "mood", that warm feeling mood.....that cosy feel

anybody for a moustiquaire ??? just ask me
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