Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My bedroom view this week

Although this was at sunset a few days ago, this is the view I am happily waking up to this week while i am waiting to go back to Sydney for a visit
I have packed up my temporary house in St Remy, and now playing auntie to 2 beautiful GSP while their mum and dad have gone skiing

 A few kilometres from Saint Remy de Provence a lovely property with a lovely view towards the Alpilles, the local mountain range

Ironic isn't ?? 
I came from Australia to Provence in 2011 for a 3 months visit...and I am still here !!!... now I am going back to Australia for a less than 3 months visit....
Have not made up my mind where home is yet ???
I think I would love to spend half the year here and the other half in OZ....if I could be bothered with the long trip..which is waiting for me, I think a few sleeping pills will help ease the journey
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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Shade of "greige" ??

What colour would you call this ???
It is not brown, it is not caramel, it definitely not grey, it is beige??is it light earth??is Greige the correct colour???

Whatever colour it is, it looks a bit dirty, a bit shabby, very patined and very "chic" 

and this cherub !!!! adorable "cherubin" in the same tone
I just love him, want to kiss him ..... ( I know I am odd!..)
he looks a bit lonely where he sits, i could imagine him in a summer veranda surrounded by flowering pots and butterflies landing on his knee...

Provence oh  Provence !.. I do love your pottery
same shade of "greige" such an earthy tone
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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Shade of greys

How many shades of grey can one fall in love with ??

The window of this pub in Windsor captured my attention with its lovely shade of grey.....


The patine in this chest of draws sitting in a hall way on top of black and white stone floor seems just the perfect grey as well....

....and the patined bronze ornate handles are just the stamp of perfection for this lightly ornate commmode

The only grey I detest is the grey sky we had to day....
bring on the blue next....i mean blue sky!....
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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Made of glass

Jars, jars and more jars...

On Sunday I went to Carpentras brocante and although I should not be buying anything at all ( I am in the process of packing up the house and storing everything!...)I could not resist a bundle of vintage green preserve jars and another bundle of old jam jars

So cleaning was a priority as they were full of caked dust, admiring them for a while, then decided to fill them with all my bags of oat, millet and other cereals flakes....and straight into a carton
Prior to spotting these jars, a dealer had 3 beautiful other green preserved bottles with a porcelain lid, his price was quite high, i though but i was getting tempted....until my friend found from another dealer one same bottle  a size smaller for 10% of the price.......either he was far too expensive or she really got a bargain ????? i stood in the middle????
Further down the alley, this lovely man had a box of the green jars I bought as well as another box of the jam jars, he had a lovely smile, we chatted and I happily bought the lots with no regrets about the other two.....

My girlfriend has been collecting these crystal type of wares for years, I never really took any notice of them until last winter when we went "brocanting " together, now I call them "Carol glass"
So this little lamp above caught my eyes and i think it is delightfully with its pleated beaded shade

I fill  the old jam jars with whatever i come across, shells, cutlery's, buttons, "marrons d'Inde" (conkers??) and mix them as a display with other glass wares like decanters, other type of jars,add a bunch of flowers.....they have a history and they have many uses

Above,on the left hand side covering a piece of coral is an old sugar mould i bought some months ago in Arles.When they  sold the sugar in bulk they used to suse these type of glass mould to shape the display
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Friday, 4 January 2013

Windsor Castle and the Windsor's

Windsor Castle, one the Queen Christmas residence

What a lovely way to combine Windsor railway station and shopping
After months admiring french buildings, I enjoyed a bit of British "red bricks " ( with history attached !..)

Nothing like a bit of pub lunch time with the girls.... 
And a bit of  British cheekiness's 
Hello Ma'am !!!!..
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