Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Flowers in my garden

I was so happy recently to be able to walk through my garden in New Brighton near Byron Bay(presently rented) and to admire all my beautiful blooms...I planted most of them and have to admit I don't remember their names.........

                            Water Hyacinthe - they only last for one day, the petals look like they have been painted

No words are needed .......
just take in those magnificent colours a garden can deliver

                                        Purple Tiboutchina

blue ginger flower


It has been a very summer up in Byron, just the amount of water this particular Golden Penda to bloom...so no surprise that many of us in the street were amazed by the show when all these trees in the area were "resplendissants" in their bright yellow
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  1. Very beautiful flower. I like yellow...

    1. I know they are all beautiful and the Yellow Golden Penda is a real winner this year